The White Porcelain Cup Effect on the The School to Prison Pipline which began in 1874

When I was in 6th grade I sat down to watch “60 Minutes” on this particular show there was a Russian scientist that had defected to the United States. Their conversation covered a multitude of subjects but only this one stayed with me for 48 years.

The commentator asked the scientist why “the people” did not just rebel and take over their communistic government because of the oppression and suffering? It was clear the masses of people outnumbered those in political office. The scientist thought seemingly careful choosing the words to explain this phenomena he began:

” Let me explain using an experiment. In the summer go have lunch in a park.

         Set your food out on a blanket and wait…ants will come

         Sit a white porcelain cup down on the blanket then gather five ants and place them in the cup. Each time they try to crawl out of the cup gently push them back down.


         After a while the ants will stop trying to climb out. Even if it begins to rain they will drown or climb on top of each other but will not try to climb out of the cup…”

How the White Porcelain Cup effect touches African American lives? Through Overt and Covert Racism!

 Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.”  Henry David Thoreau


“Overt racism is a public, conscious act intended to harm or damage a person or a group of people of another race specifically because of the race of the victimized person or group of people.”


Covert racism is done to African Americans through racial profiling, mortgage discrimination, poor quality education, prisons, health and obviously mental health disparities.


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